resource publishes global list of events in honor of Wind Day

European Wind Energy Association (WindEurope) and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) established an international resource «GLOBALWINDDAY.ORG» in order to promote events dedicated to Global Wind Day.

Organized topical workshops, excursions to wind farms, presentations of experts on the benefits and prospects of wind energy use, various actions in support of this direction - all of this is united into a single base.

Now everyone can learn how and where some formal events timed to coincide with the Wind Day 2017 took place this year.

For example, more than 20 events for a wide range of people were held in France. People gathered in the territories at the foot of wind turbines, where master classes and entertainment were held in support of wind power:

A tour took place in Germany, where it was possible to enjoy the breathtaking view from a wind turbine nacelle with the help of virtual reality glasses:

A theatrical play for children called “The Story of the Wind” took place in Greece:

More detailed resource materials can be found by following this link:

As we have already reported, the project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” celebrated Global Wind Day in the Novogrudok Region. Jointly with the “Green Network” partnership, an extensive program of thematic events was organized for journalists of popular mass media, who were able to report the impressions of the excursion to the largest wind farm in Belarus to their audience.

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