U.S. withdraws from Paris Climate Agreement

Donald Trump officially announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on June 1, 2017, at a press conference in the garden at the White House. The Agreement was signed in 2015 by 194 countries around the world and aimed at combating climate change. Thus, the President of the United States kept one of his main promises. He explained his decision by saying that the specified agreement undermines the country's economy, “The agreement leads to job cuts in the energy sector, limits the sovereignty of the American state and puts the United States in dependence on other countries of the world.”

The principal task of the Paris Climate Agreement is to prevent the increase of global mean temperature above 2 degrees relative to the same figure in the pre-industrial era. According to estimates mentioned by the president, about 2.7 million Americans may lose their jobs by 2025 due to restrictions imposed by the climate agreement. And the economic waste by 2040 is estimated at USD 3 billion. However, the president confirmed that he does not doubt the fact of the current process of global warming. But concern for white-bread Americans for the head of the States is more important than any other problems.

It should be noted that today China holds the leading position on carbon dioxide emissions (the main catalyst of global warming), but the U.S. is namely the leader for the entire history. And many heads of state of the world, representatives of international organizations, as well as celebrities, criticized this decision of the Trump administration.

For example, Ilon Mask left the president's energy council after the formal address of the U.S. leader.

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her regret for the decision of the U.S. President. And she stressed that the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement will not stop those who want to protect the planet, “Now the parties to the agreement should move on, despite Trump’s decision.”

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General, in his official statement expressed great disappointment over the U.S. decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, “This is a great blow at the efforts of the countries of the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent climate change.”

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin also expressed his opinion, “It is complicated for the U.S. president from all fronts now,” observes the politician. “But officially the Paris Agreement is supposed to come into effect from 2021, that’s why the world community still has time to reach an agreement with the U.S. and work over the issues of common concern in a constructive way. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Previous President Obama, who signed the Paris Agreement in 2015, also expressed his regret over Trump's decision, “The United States joins a small number of countries that reject the future.” The ex-president hopes that the states, cities and enterprises of the country will independently protect the planet and the climate.

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