This is how installation of highest windmill in Belarus is proceeding

A Polish company is installing a Vestas windmill of B112 model near the village of Grabniki of the Novogrudok Region. It is currently the highest wind turbine in our country.

The mast height is 120 meters, the blade length is 55 meters and the produced capacity is 3.3 MW. 50 trucks were brought in to deliver the turbine components to Novogrudok. At the first stage of installation the masting is carried out, then the mast is concreted and the master sections are installed. At the last stage a nacelle is set up, on which a hub and blades are fixed. Installation works can only be interfered by strong wind, if its speed reaches more than 9 m/s, construction works are suspended.

How is the installation of the windmill proceeding and what difficulties do the constructors face? You can learn about all that from the video filmed at the construction site.

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