RES continue to gain ground in energy market

Producers of nuclear reactors working in the field of nuclear energy during the last decades are forced to phase down due to the inability to compete with cheap energy derived from RES.

One of the reasons for this is the development of technologies for the production of RES components, and, as a consequence, the reduction of costs of electric power against nuclear power, in the costs of production of which it is necessary to include huge capital expenditures for the construction of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and the cost of recycling of spent radioactive waste.

According to financial news agency Bloomberg, the American energy company Duke Energy Corporation is going to cancel the construction of a NPP in the city of Charlotte (South Carolina, USA), pleading the smashup of Westinghouse Electric Co, which was engaged in the production of nuclear reactors. As a result of the cancellation of the construction of the NPP, Duke Energy Company has to reimburse expenditures for the pre-project preparation of the station construction in the amount of USD 353 million.

As the representative of Duke Energy Corp stated, “Risks and uncertainties about the commencement of the NPP construction are too large, and the project close-out will become the best alternative for our customers.” Surprisingly, after this statement, shares of Duke Energy Corporation have not only not fallen, but even have increased by 0.8 percent.

As may be seen from the recent events of the global energy sector, the demand for energy received from the “atom” continues to decline and there is a tendency to a gradual transition to clean and safe energy derived from RES. Moreover, it is worthwhile to take into account the people's desire to maximally reduce the potential danger from the operation of nuclear power plants, the consequences of a disaster at which can be of a planetary nature, in which mankind has been convinced more than once.

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