Development of RES to increase U.S. energy security

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), following President Trump’s statement of the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, has intensified its activities in the direction of the assurance of reliability of power grids operation due to RES.

The Association maintains that the security of power supply from RES scarcely differs from networks of conventional power plants and even surpasses them in terms of a number of figures. In particular, wind power plants surpass the traditional ones in terms of stability and reliability of power grid operation due to the maintenance of set-up parameters of electrical voltage and frequency.

The AWEA statements are supported by data from researches conducted by American scientists at wind, solar, coal, gas and nuclear power plants.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) assessed the capability of different types of power plants to cope with power grid disturbances during the current year.
NERC - Reliability Assessments 2017

The presented comparative table of analysis contains a description of various types of energy generation under the lens of vulnerability from a great number of factors:
• Resistance of a power grid to extremely low or extremely high temperatures;
• Capability to maintain voltage within the permissible level at all points of a grid;
• Capability to cope with grid disturbances;
• Dependence on fuel supply;
• Cooling demand;
• etc.
The complete comparative table can be examined by following this link:
AWEA - Reliability Events (Services Graphic)

According to the represented data, none of the energy sources surpasses others in terms of all indexes of reliability of power supply completely. That is why power grids operations staff considers it important to use different energy sources: this increases the stability of the entire system of the generation of electricity, its delivery to consumers and, accordingly, the use of it.

Besides, the U.S. Department of Defense conceives that the use of renewable energy sources contributes to the national security and military readiness of the country. In connection with this statement, the U.S. Navy and Air Force plan to produce 1 GW of capacity by 2025 due to the use of RES.

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