Unusual use of RES

The music band Port Mone constantly experiments and creates uncommon and interesting music. There are many beautiful, retouched tunes in the band’s repertoire. For example, the album entitled “Thou”, released in 2014, was recorded in the forest and received the honorary award “Album of the Year” at the Experty.by prize presentation ceremony.

And now once again the group has had a challenging idea for creating music. The musicians collected all their equipment and went out to record the album using merely renewables. For this purposes, the performers first visited a station with photoelectric converters, and then switched to wind power facilities. As early as in June 2017, the collective became a participant of the events dedicated to the Wind Day with its unusual performance near the windmill in the village of Yarilovichi (the Novogrudok Region), and now it continues to develop this new wave in the musical art.

The members of the collective tell about how everything happened, obstacles in music recording, personal opinion about RES and just their philosophy of life in the following video:

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