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The company Vestas (Denmark), a worldwide leader in the production of wind power generators, announced its partnership with the American company Tesla. The goal of the partnership is the development of the best combination of a wind power generator and a storage battery to provide uninterrupted supplies of energy to the grid. As is known, energy from wind is not constant, and the demand for electric power on the part of its consumers is also unstable. The use of storage batteries will help to distribute additional electric power to the grid in the periods of heavy consumption or to accumulate its unclaimed surpluses during the damping of demand.

The new partnership with Tesla is only part of Vestas global program. The company plans to connect various electric power storage facilities to its wind turbines and cooperates with several other storage batteries manufacturers for these purposes (a total of about ten different projects).

The partnership is aimed at the development of different ways of energy storage, testing of shared modes of operation of wind power generators and storage batteries to achieve optimal system parameters, which will not only ensure the continuity of energy supplies, but also help to reduce the final cost of electricity.

The Tesla company has relatively recently begun to look for a new use for its developments outside electric cars and Powerwall storage batteries. In July of this year, the general director of the company, Ilon Mask, signed an agreement with the Australian government on the construction of an electric power storage station, which will make possible to ensure the load balance in the grid of the South Australian state of this continent. The total capacity of the system will be 129 MWh, which will suffice to provide about 30 thousand households with energy.

The utilization of the declared technologies of storage of electric energy from wind power systems is of particular relevance for the local power supply zones, which exist all over the world. It should also be noted that such partnership can help to consolidate interests of the participants of the hydrocarbon sector of economy and the renewable energy market. Oil companies are interested in the possibility of the use of these developments at their remote production wells, where the cost of energy can exercise significant influence over the ultimate price of the extracted product.

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