Gazprom to construct wind power facilities

“Territorial Generating Company No.1” (TGC-1), which is a subsidiary of “Gazprom Energoholding”, announced its plans to construct wind farms in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast with a total capacity of about 50 MW. It is worth noting that no apparent interest in wind power has previously been shown in the subsidiary.

TGC-1 involved a specialist company dealing with engineering and construction of power facilities to measure the wind potential of the sites. And it seems that they do not intend to delay with the project milestones, since limited time is allocated to the contractor for the execution of work: until October 31 of the current year, the company ought to carry out estimate of the sites, at each of which the construction of a wind farm with an installed capacity of about 30 MW is possible. At least 3 sites are to be found in Leningrad Oblast and the same number in the territory of Kronstadt. The mapping of the wind power potential of the regions and the coordination of selected sites with airports and Rosaviatsiya is necessary within a month. The projects will also be accelerated by the fact that TGC-1 does not require the contractor to make present-day measurements, which are usually necessary to estimate wind power potential of a selected site and should be carried out for at least one year. The company is ready to begin the construction on the basis of archival data for wind power potential.

It is necessary to point out that TGC-1 is not a traditional energy holding company, and it already has many small hydropower plants on its balance (on the rivers of Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk Oblasts), which account for about 40% of the total capacity of the energy company. An additional point is that one of the shareholders of TGK-1 is the Finnish company Fortum, rapidly developing RES, which owns a blocking stake in TGC-1, which positively affects the decision-making regarding RES.

Based on such new trends of Gazprom, as well as RUSNANO facilities in Ulyanovsk Oblast, it may be concluded that the wind power sector in Russia continues to develop and gradually occupies an increasing market share.

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