Wind power can become key player in Europe

The European Commission has published a new Industrial Policy Strategy aimed at providing Europe with effective industrial growth and making the united European states stronger and more competitive.

Experts from various branches supported the elaboration. WindEurope (European Wind Energy Association) also has not disregarded a new document.  CEO Giles Dickson commented on the adopted strategy as follows,

“WindEurope welcomes the new Industrial Policy Strategy and in particular supports the development of informatization and industrial innovation.

To date, the wind industry has already made great advances in the field of informatizaion, and the use of modern developments in the field of measurements monitoring enables to improve the operation and maintenance of wind turbines significantly.

Besides, the volume of output of windmills has sharply increased due to the improvement of the production process.

Thanks to innovative developments in the field of energy storage, the stability of power supply from windmills is increasing, and this allows to solve the problem of wind flows variability.

Wind power can become an important player in obtaining success in implementing the adopted Industrial Strategy, occupying today the key positions in the production and export of Europe.

But the wind industry will need European investments for research and test, as well as stable policies and state regulation to achieve the ambitious objective of generating 35% of energy from renewable energy sources by 2030. Only in this case wind power can play a significant role in maintaining and reinforcing the industrial advantage of Europe.”

More information about the European Strategy of industrial policy itself can be found on the official website of the European Commission by following this link:

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