Hired project consultants started work in certain directions

The project selected a number of consultants who have proceeded with the execution of work in certain directions to further improve the legislation and approaches in the sphere of the implementation of projects on the construction of wind power stations.

The project has begun the preparation of normative legal acts (NLA) regarding the regulation of tariff policy in the field of renewable energy. Under these NLAs, a mechanism will be developed to formulate tariffs for electricity generated with the use of RES and sold to the state grid, the procedure for determining the volumes of electric supply, the price terms of contracts on the supply of electric energy to the wholesale power market and other provisions. Based on the results of the project activities, elaborated proposals will be agreed upon with interested government bodies and introduced into legislative acts regulating the field of renewable energy of the Republic of Belarus.

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART) is responsible for the tariff policy in the field of RES. And as early as July of this year, it adopted a resolution establishing a multiplying coefficient to the RES tariff.

Resolution of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus No. 41 of July 20, 2017 “On Tariffs for Electric Energy Generated from Renewable Energy Sources in the Territory of the Republic of Belarus by Individual Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities outside the State Production Association of Electric Power Industry “Belenergo” and Sold to Energy-Supplying Organizations of this Association.”

However, if you study this document in detail, you can notice that it does not significantly differ from the Resolution of the Ministry of Economy No. 45 of August 7, 2015, which was in effect earlier, and it still has a number of unrepaired defects. Therefore, the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” intends to apply a new modern approach to tariff formation based on the RAB (Regulatory Asset Base) method, which provides a long-term tariff design and improves the efficiency of attracting investments in expansion and modernization of the RES industry.

The project also has begun work on the preparation of the “Renewable Energy Development Strategy in the Republic of Belarus until 2030”. This strategy will not be a program document that clearly identifies specific energy facilities (with the timing of their commissioning and the amounts of financing). First of all, the document will be able to show the key direction of renewable energy development taking into account the development of the energy sector as a whole, based on the worldwide trends of RES development, the strategy for development of industry and energy sector of the Republic of Belarus and the obligations undertaken by our country under international agreements.

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