Installation of wind measurement complexes completed in Belarus

Erection of wind measurement complexes is completed in Belarus. The installation was carried out in compliance with relevant international requirements and regulations, the execution of which is particularly important during drawings and using debt financing mechanisms. The measurements will allow to provide an estimation of the prospective efficiency of wind power stations and to determine the payback period of such projects as precisely as possible.

The construction and installation of wind turbines are financed on terms of return on investments and profit earning in the future, therefore the measurements that are being taken require objective and reliable information regarding the speed and volume of the wind that will be present throughout the useful life of the station. Errors in such forecast can have an immense impact on the quantity of electricity generated and the feasibility of investing. Therefore, the quality of the assessment of wind potential in the selected territory is one of the conditions of obtaining credit financing for project implementation in a number of foreign banks.

In accordance with international requirements, it is necessary to estimate the wind speeds and directions of wind flows over extended period of time (at least one year) for the assessment of efficiency before the installation of a wind power station.

A Lithuanian company was involved in Belarus in order to confirm that the specified requirements are fulfilled.

Thus, it is already possible to receive data on the speeds and directions of wind flows at the selected sites remotely within the framework of the project. For the purposes of measurements of all wind conditions, the following equipment is placed atop the installed wind measurement masts: anemometers, weather vanes, a barometer and a thermometer. It should be noted that the facility is equipped with solar panels to ensure the autonomous operation of the devices.

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