Fortune Global 500 companies invest more and more in RES

To date, an increase in investments in renewable energy from the world's major companies that are on the prestigious Fortune Global 500 list is observed. Companies invest in RES in order to maintain long-term stability of prices for their products and services, as well as to ensure еру reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment.

A joint report of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and a number of investment companies (Ceres, Calvert Research & Management and CDP) demonstrates that a growing number of companies are linking their future to the development of “green” energy. The report suggests that 48% of Fortune Global 500 companies currently intend to use energy generated from RES, thus reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing energy efficiency. This reflects a positive trend compared with 43% of companies in 2014.

It is noted that thanks to investments in RES projects, companies annually save USD 3.7 billion (2016), and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to approximately 45 coal-fired power plants.

Over the last three years, companies from the Fortune Global 500 have been demonstrating a growing trend of corporate demand for electric power from renewable sources, which is most noticeable in the IT branch and consumer sector. The commitment to “green” energy receives wide media coverage to attract customers and partners. Such statements of companies are being increasingly found every year, and major global brands are trying to make them more “loud” among the rest.

For example, Apple announced the signing of an agreement on the purchase of electricity from a wind power station in Oregon, USA. According to the American corporation, this project is currently the largest investment in the field of renewables. Apple plans to achieve the goal of “100% consumption from RES” by combining direct ownership of RES projects and long-term contracts with the suppliers of energy from RES.

The largest American brewing company Anheuser-Busch signed a power purchase agreement with the Italian energy company Enel, placing the stake on the trend of a change of attitude towards energy among a mainstream audience of beer consumers. Under this agreement, energy supplies will be carried out from the Enel's Thunder Ranch wind power station (Oklahoma, USA). The generated energy could supply up to 50% of Anheuser-Busch's need, which the company relates to the annual output of 20 billion bottles of beer.

LEGO Group managed to achieve its objective of converting its production to 100% energy from RES three years ahead of schedule. Electricity supply is carried out from Burbo Bank Extension offshore wind farm, as well as from solar energy generation facilities.

The company decided to announce the reaching of the set bar by building the world's largest windmill from its own meccano (LEGO). 146,000 LEGO bricks were used during the construction, and the height of the unique windmill reached almost 7.6 meters, which eventually allowed to register a new Guinness world record. “We will continue to work to inspire children around the world to solve environmental and social problems,” stated the LEGO Group CEO Bali Padda at the opening ceremony of the windmill.

You can see how the construction of the largest LEGO wind turbine proceeded by following this link:

In September of this year, Mars Company, which produces the famous M&Ms sugarplums, announced the conversion of its production facilities to the energy generated from wind. And in order to draw public attention to this fact, the chocolate giant released a funny video “FANS OF WIND”, in which Red and Yellow (M&Ms), along with people, become “fans of wind”:

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