Conference “Development of “Green” Economy in the Republic of Belarus” was held

On October 10-13, 2017, Minsk hosted the XXII Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum. The agenda of the Forum traditionally included the holding of International Specialized Exhibitions on energy and environmental subjects. Besides, more than 20 different events were organized within the framework of the forum, at which innovative solutions in energy, ecology and petrochemistry were presented by experts.

A regular conference on a topic “Development of “Green” Economy in the Republic of Belarus” was held on October 13 as part of the Forum. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection acted as the organizers of the Conference.

Representatives of various ministries and institutes, NAS of Belarus, UNDP, etc. made their reports and presentations.

The manager of the project “Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus” Volha Chabrouskaya, together with the Head of the Environmental Policy and Science Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus Natalia Zharkina, did a presentation “On the Practice of Implementation of the Green Economy Principles in the Republic of Belarus at the Regional Level”. In their speeches, they demonstrated “green” projects successfully implemented in our country and told about the benefits gained from their implementation.

The junior research assistant of the sector of efficiency of the use of mineral resources of the department of monitoring of socio-economic development of the Institute of Economics of NAS of Belarus Liliya Zhigalskaya informed the conferees on trends and prospects for the development of renewable power industry in the world and in Belarus by materials of her report.

The potential of local renewable energy resources in various areas was under consideration in the presentation. The expert also outlined the existing public support and active expansionary measures for the development of RES, aspects of the regulatory framework of the development of renewable energy in Belarus, quota system and regional specific features of RES development in the Republic of Belarus.

Summing up the presented material, Liliya Zhigalskaya expressed confidence that the development of renewable power industry will make possible to increase the energy independence of the country and its individual regions, promote the security of energy supply and reduce the environmental load.

During the discussion of the reports represented at the conference, the participants expressed their opinions, and they were frequently cardinally opposite. For example, part of the audience supported the introduced quota system for renewable energy (and wind power in particular), being of the opinion that this decision will help to bring only the most effective and inexpensive technologies to our market, while another part sees a significant deterrence of RES development in Belarus in quota allocation.

More details about the agenda of the event and the presentations made will be available on the website of the seminar organizer in the near future:

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