According to predictions of researchers, mankind is ready to switch to RES by 2050

In November of this year, the Energy Watch research team prepared a next report on renewable energy sources: Global Energy System based on 100% Renewable Energy - Power Sector. The text of the report is based on the analysis of statistical data on various trends of RES, as well as the main advantages of using RES are provided for both the environment and the economic component of energy generation.

It is remarkable that the researchers note the possibility of the switch of the entire population of the earth to the use of “green” energy by about 2050 in the report. It should be noted that scientists expressed a critical opinion about the future of not only coal, but also nuclear power plants. The authors of the report have raised arguments about the inanity of investment in the development and construction of NPPs, justifying that even today, with the current level of development of wind, solar and geothermal energy, nuclear power has lost competitive advantage (the difficulty of reprocessing and disposing of used fuel is also taken into consideration).

As is known, the energy industry is traditionally a large employer. According to the researchers, due to the switch to clean energy, more and more jobs will be created, which will compensate and cover the loss of jobs in the traditional energy sector as RES further developed. These conclusions are also supported by an annual review of IRENA Renewable Energy and Jobs Annual Review 2017, reporting that 9.8 million people (including 1.5 million workers of hydropower) were involved in the sector of alternative energy in the year 2016, directly or indirectly, which is 1.1% more when compared to 2015. Thus, the social effect is another advantage of renewable energy.

More information on the documents of Energy Watch and IRENA can be found by following these links:

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