Renewable energy boom continues in U.S. despite Trump

Experts assert that the renewable energy in the U.S. continues to develop, despite the president's policy of curtailing clean energy development projects and promoting energy on fossil fuels.

More than five months have passed since the announcement of Donald Trump about the U.S. wish to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. During this period, the entire world saw the serious intent of the States leader to curtail the implementation of the clean energy development plan, which Barack Obama (a predecessor of Trump as the U.S. President) was promoting.

As reported by the Development Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists Alden Meyer, “The leadership of the country prefers coal and other pollutive fossil fuels and at the same time tries to slow down the introduction of clean technologies, here's the situation. The trend is obvious: investments in renewable energy and the generation of energy by it should continue to go up in order to confront Trump.”

In turn, the leaders of many states and cities channel their efforts towards combating climate change, and the manpower employed in renewable energy is constantly growing throughout the country. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the number of people employed in solar energy increased by 24.5% over the last year, coming up to the level of 374 thousand people. And the employment of workers in wind power has increased by 32% over the year and now amounts to 102 thousand people. On the contrary, only 187 thousand people are employed in the field of traditional energy on fossil fuels.

A climate change expert Michael Mann, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, states, “Regardless of what the government says and does, it is quite possible that the U.S. will still achieve emission reduction under the Paris Agreement. This day, the aspiration to develop renewable energy, which is observed at a local and state levels, and the commitments of major companies give the majority of scientists a hadle to believe that the U. S. will achieve its objectives set in Paris.”

“People in the U.S. business community know that climate change is a serious problem and it is important to fulfill international obligations,” says Frank Maisano, the Senior Director of the Bracewell Law Firm. “I know that there are people in the presidential administration who are at one with us.”

The former mayor of New York, billionaire Michael Bloomberg organized the movement “We are Still” (“in the Paris Agreement” is meant). This movement involves 1,800 businessmen and investors, 252 cities and 9 states, including California, the largest state actively supporting the “green ideas”. Michael Bloomberg reports, “The "We are Still" initiative is crucial, for it testifies that there is another side to America, and it is not Trump, and you shouldn't wait for 3-4 years of the presidential term to begin to cooperate with the real America, which remains committed to the Paris Agreement.”

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