WindEurope marks new records in Europe

Daily Wind Power Numbers, the public resource of the European Wind Energy Association (WindEurope), makes monitoring of Europe's wind power plant generation data available to everyone. In other words, reviewing the WindEurope data, one can easily record peaks and drops in wind power generation on a particular day.

For instance, the last day of 2017 and the first days of 2018 showed record-breaking volumes of generation, when the wind power sector covered a large part of Europe's electricity demand:

31.12.2017:  23.9%
01.01.2018:  23.2%
03.01.2018:  22.7%

It means that during those days wind energy covered  almost a quarter of the electricity consumed in Europe. These latest peak values were very close to the record set on October 28, 2017: 24.6%.

The resource also allows viewing the top electricity generating countries (the darker the blue colour is, the more electricity is produced from wind energy in each individual country). For instance, on January 3, 2018, Germany was on top of the list of leading countries: the German wind power industry covered about 60% of the national overall demand for electricity; it was followed by Denmark, where 48% coverage of its domestic energy consumption; in Spain the indicator was on the level of 37%; in Austria – 32%, in the Netherlands – 23%, and in the UK it was 22%.

It should be understood that wind is not constant, and generation could face some downfalls. However, the WindEurope experts state that wind power already covers more than 10% of the EU demand for electricity (on some days, more than 100% in certain member states), and that it is capable of covering the electricity demand of more than 200 million households..

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