Wind Power Specialist Training to be Launched in Ukraine

The renewable energy sector is actively developing in Ukraine. However, since this sphere is still relatively new, and specialists in the sector are few so far, a special focus is placed on training qualified professionals. DTEK (the owner of the largest in Ukraine Botievskaya Wind Farm with an installed capacity of 200 MW) concluded a research and technical cooperation agreement with Tavria State Agrotechnical University (TSAU, Melitopol).

The cooperation will provide an opportunity for on-the-job training and subsequent employment of young renewable energy specialists. Also, DTEK and TSAU have plans for joint research activities.  DTEK has made major investments into the Tavria University infrastructure. Since 2009, DTEK has concluded agreements with nine Ukrainian university, allocating more than UAH 7 mln (approximately USD 250,000) for their development.

It should be mentioned that a working visit of a Belarusian delegation to Ukraine was arranged under the project in November this year for the purposes of examining the neighbours' experience with development of the renewable energy sector.  The mission included a visit to Botievskaya Power Farm, where our specialists were able to personally ascertain that DTEK has the most advanced training resources: 65 Vestas wind turbines and a state-of-the-art dispatcher station with a comfortable visit centre.

Thus, it should be acknowledged that today the Ukrainian wind energy sector both demonstrates a qualitative leap forward owing to the rate of new capacity commissioning, and places a major focus on innovation development and adoption, as well as on training of qualified personnel.  Owing to a lack of linguistic barriers, geographical proximity and other factors, prospective Belarusian enrollees wishing to specialize in wind energy, are most likely to turn their attention to this Ukrainian university.

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