How the Renewable Energy Surprised the World in 2017

Wind turbines cleared the bar at 265.5 m

The sizes and parameters of Max Bögl Wind turbines in the vicinity of Gaildorf (Germany) are impressive: turbine height: 265.5 meters, the hub and blade diameter: 178 meters; as well as "water battery" use for storing power.

At the high altitude, blades are less worn out due to lower turbulence. Mast installation above 250 meters results in higher efficiency for each following meter.

Gigantic Tesla battery storage system
Tesla completed construction of the most powerful Powerback battery system before schedule; the battery capacity is 129 MWh.   The USD 50 mln project was implemented with financial support from the Australian new energy programme aimed at addressing pressing problems with power supply in the state of South Australia.  As a result of the battery connection to Hornsdale Wind Farm, sustainable power supply will be provided to about 30,000 households.

Future belongs to renewables

According to Energy Watch research team, only renewable energy generation resources will remain by 2050. Nuclear power has lost its competitive edge due to difficulties with spent fuel processing and disposal. In their paper, the researchers determined that the social effect (increase of unemployment rates) from NPP shutdown would be compensated in future by environmentally friendly power generators.  In 2018, the renewable energy sector will employ over 10 million people.

Real facts of financial compensation for overconsumption of electricity 
When generation reaches its peak, it may result in surplus electricity. In order to take load off the grid, some operators prefer to pay their customers a compensation of energy overconsumption instead of shutting down their generators.

Thus, on October 29, 2017, when energy generation by wind turbines reached a record ceiling in Germany, in order to maintain the energy balance, wind power producers paid compensations stimulating consumption.

Wind power can provide energy to the entire population of Earth
Comparing the wind capacity of land and open ocean, Carnegie Science researches concluded that the wind speed in oceanic regions is higher that over firm land, even in the most windy areas.    According to their estimates, our entire planet may be fully provided with electricity generated from wind power: "By covering a large area of deep-water parts of the Atlantic Ocean with wind turbines (3 mln km2) we can provide the entire planet with electricity during winter months".

Money for wind and sun
International corporations are more and more oriented at renewable energy

The Fortune Global 500 companies are clearly demonstrating the growing tendency of corporate demand for electricity from renewable sources, which is mostly apparent in the IT and consumer sectors. In order to attract clients and partners, they ensure a wide media coverage of their commitment to green energy. Companies make such corporate statements are made more and more often every year.
In 2017, the "loudest" were the projects of Apple, LEGO Group, Anheuser-Busch and Mars.

The Europe wind power online map is updated on a daily basis
The online map provides information about changes in energy balance and data on power generation by EU wind turbines.

The WindEurope Association created a special resource for its users at  There, one can monitor online data on wind turbines in EU countries.  The picture is completed with statistics on various indicators; it allows comparing daily wind power output with other electricity generating sources.

Every year, the demand for renewables in Europe is on the rise. Most countries strive to switch to clean energy by the year 2050. The coal industry will be the first to suffer, as the EU countries plan to forgo the use of this fuel. Meanwhile, debates on the profitability or unprofitability of renewable energy are gradually calming down, as green energy producers keep lowering its cost every year as a result of drastic reductions of their technical and operating expenses.


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