European Parliament Votes to Increase the Share of Clean Energy

At its January 17 session, the European Parliament reviewed a plan proposed by the European Commission to increase the share of wind power in the EU energy mix, and to recycle all plastic packaging consumed on its territory.  The measures set in the plan cover the period until 2030; they are aimed at meeting the Paris commitments.

According to the adopted plan, all plastic packaging consumed in the EU should be made recyclable by the year 2030. The share of consumed single-use packaging should be reduced, as well.

Another part of the strategy is to increase the share of wind power in the EU energy mix. Before, the EC proposed to increase the share to 27%; the proposal was supported by the EU Energy Community Ministerial Council as well. However, now the Parliament adopted an even more ambitious plan, increasing the proposed share to 35%.

Experts endorse the resolution with enthusiasm. According to WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson, increasing the share of renewable energy specifically to 35% is economically justified, as "wind is now the cheapest form of new power generation. It supports 263,000 jobs in Europe industry and contributes €36 bln to EU GDP. If the 27% target were adopted, €92 bln investments not be made and 136,000 jobs would not be created in the EU".

Thus, all EU member states should develop and submit, by June 1, their own energy and climate programmes aimed at fulfilment of the adopted strategy. The national plans should be designed for five years, which, according to Mr Dickson, is critical for investments into the entire production chain: "Increasing the wind energy share will have an effect on the entire production chain, as every €1,000 invested in wind creates €250 value for the wider electricity generation and supply chain including chemicals, steel, construction, etc."

It will provide for the industry advance planning and proper timing of the equipment use; in general, it will help cut costs considerably, as the wind power growth rate in Europe has slightly slowed down; however, this resolution will give an impetus to its growth.

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