Companies Launch Competition for Renewable Energy Storage

Siemens combines its efforts with American energy company AES to create the joint-owned Fluence Energy project to be based in California. It will present the first serious the global market competition to Powerpack storage batteries that Tesla already successfully supplies.

The project provides for creation of the biggest lithium-ion energy storage in the world. So far, they have acquired all licenses and permits required for the project launch. Fluence Energy CEO Stephen Coughlin says that the energy storage systems will facilitate the development of new technologies and reduction of renewable energy consumption costs, for creation of an environmentally clean future for our planet: "Owing to companies' joint efforts we shall be able to make an influence on the entire energy market, and application of this unique experience will help clients get a taste of all potential benefits of energy storage".

The Fluence Energy project will be outfitted with industrial technology platforms optimized for different customer needs including energy distribution and integration with renewable and other energy sources. The companies plan to provide a wide range of guarantees and services, from early-stage business analysis to facility operation and maintenance at all project stages. The Siemens and AES alliance's services will be available in 160 countries.

Analysts mention that the project will tackle Tesla that completed the construction of the biggest, so far, storage battery on November 23, 2017 (based on the Powerpack technology) in the state of South Australia. The battery was built early, in 93 days only, in order to mitigate the effects of natural disasters that had regularly left the entire state without power. The total capacity of the installed Powerpack batteries is 129 MWh, which will be substantially inferior to the Fluence Energy capacity of 400 MWh.

At present, the development of energy storage technology is a highly demanded area, while a high level of competition on that market will ultimately provide end users with cheaper and more stable energy.

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