WindEurope and GWEC hold the Global Wind Day Photo Contest

As part of activities dedicated to the Global Wind Day (June 15), WindEurope (European Wind Energy Association) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) have co-organized the Wind Vision Photo Contest. It is an annual event aimed at drawing public attention to the benefits of wind power development.

Three contest categories have been announced:

 Local impact
Photographs must demonstrate, how wind energy has benefited a certain community or an organization.
Boosting economies
Photographs must represent people employed in the wind energy industry (at factories, wind farms).
Visionary wind
Photograms must show wind energy in harmony with nature.

The organizers have provided for cash awards of €1,000 for first-place winners in each category.  In addition, winners' works will be represented at WindEurope and GWEC resources.

More information on the contest terms and condition is available at:

Winners will be announced on the Global Wind Day, June 15, 2018.

You may share your photos hashtagged #WindVision with the entire world in social networks.

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