Experience exchange between UNDP

On May 29, 2018, the conference hall of Alfa Radon Spa Centre (in the village of Baraviki, Dziatlava District, Hrodna Region) provided venue for experience exchange between UNDP environment and energy-focused projects. The road to the venue, which ran through the project sites, helped the participants appreciate the scope of the project activities.

The meeting brought together the following international technical assistance projects:

Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus

Supporting Green Urban Development in Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Belarus (Green Cities)

Conservation-Oriented Management of Forests and Wetlands to Achieve Multiple Benefits

Community-Based Environmental Monitoring and Improving Local-Level Environmental Protection Management

Assisting the Government of the Republic of Belarus in Accession to the WTO through Strengthening National Institutional Capacity and Expertise

Improving Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings in the Republic of Belarus

The meeting participants noted that UNDP projects are becoming more complex in terms of scopes of activities and that ecology and energy issues are becoming more and more entwined these days. The introduction of renewable energy sources into the energy mix, development of electric vehicles and application of energy efficient technologies in construction give rise to environmentally sustainable and economically viable use of natural resources. The projects have transformed into an open form of interaction between all stakeholders.  The engagement of all population categories provides for changing their behavioural patterns towards a greater environmental sustainability. The private business involvement in the UNDP projects has increased substantially, which clearly demonstrates the active development of public-private partnership and the business sector's commitment to finding common solutions to environmental problems.

The event format allowed for giving the colleagues a detailed account of ongoing activities and upcoming planned project events.  The participants articulated the current challenges with achieving the objectives and discussed the best ways of addressing them. Project managers and staff defined the most efficient forms of cooperation, information exchange and joining efforts in arranging common events with similar goals and objectives.

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