The Project participates in the Green Future of Belarus event

The Green Future of Belarus event was held in Brest on November 2. It was attended by public officials, MPs, local residents, school, college and university students, representatives of international and nongovernmental organizations. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Alexander Korbut, Chairperson of Brest Region Executive Committee Anatoly Lis and UNDP Project Coordinator Igor Chulba took part in the event and made welcoming speeches.

The 250 trees planted during event laid foundation of the Brest Millennium Park, which landscaping will continue until the city's jubilee next year. Larches, red beeches, ash trees, pyramidal oaks and other trees were planted there.


In his speech, Alexander Korbut expressed gratitude to the attendees and emphasized that such city greening activities must be held throughout the country. "MNREP makes major efforts to support and expand plantations in cities. They improve residents' well-being and comfort. Ecology must be in focus not only in regional capitals, but in small towns, too".

Brest Region Governor Anatoly Lis mentioned that more than 19,000 trees and 12,000 bushes had been planted in the region this year. The Governor also informed that about five thousand trees would be planted in the region by the end of the year additionally.  Anatoly List underscored the importance of greening new districts: "Environmental actions demonstrate the residents' attitude to nature. Each resident has an opportunity to contribute to improvement of the environmental situation in their city, for instance, by planting a tree or laying out a small flowerbed.

The event also included a presentation of international technical assistance projects supporting the event. In his speech, Igor Chulba stressed upon the importance of green zones in cities: "Green zones provide an efficient remedy for air pollution, climate change; they facilitate expansion of biodiversity in cities and residents' recreation, reducing air temperature in summertime. That improves the well-being of residents, in particular, senior citizens, for whose health high temperatures are detrimental.
The event was not limited to tree planting. In addition, nature protection and environmental instruction activities were held for children and school students. The international technical assistance project "Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus" organized a green energy quiz for children. At the end of the awareness-raising activities, children were presented with commemorative awards. 


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