“Wind and Sun Day – the “green” energy fest” took place in Minsk

The international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” celebrated the Global Wind Day with active participation in the environmental education event «Wind and Sun Day – the “green” energy fest», which gathered many people who wanted to discuss issues of RES use and the benefits of renewable energy development.

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Project manager Marina Belous made a presentation on “Development of wind energy in Belarus: current state and prospects”. Representatives of public associations and people directly using RES in their homes also created their presentations:

“Modern trends in the development of renewable energy in the world” Artem Bystrik, Green Network partnership;

“Energy [R] Evolution − Perspectives for Sustainable Development of the Energy Sector of Belarus” Irina Sukhiy of the NGO “Ecohome”;

“Air quality is quality of life. Know what you breathe.” Ivan Betsun and Artem Bystrik;

• Presentation of existing solutions for installing RES on private houses;and others.

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Due to the active position of the NGO “Ecohome” on June 15, it was possible to draw public attention to the current development trends and real practices of the use of renewable energy.

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Ecology-oriented products, tasty and healthy foods from natural ingredients and much more were presented at the festival site. The organization of events dedicated to the Global Wind Day did not neglect to include children, who had the opportunity to make small paper windmills with their own hands, get electricity from apples and lemons and watch the Discovery film “Energy of the Future. Energy Revolution”.

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